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Tailored to zoological industry. 

Add your store to MyPetStory and boost your business to the next level! Inspire pet parents to shop exactly in your store. Increase sales through personalized promotions and precise targeting.

How does MyPetStory work?

It’s really easy: pet parents create their pet’s profile in the MyPetStory mobile app, which will be defined by up to 16 pet characteristics. Pet stores create coupons in the self-service MyPetStory Business panel and select the target group. The application personalizes coupons and other content depending on the pet. Pet parents will find coupons in the app and visit your store to shop.

For store

Add coupons, invite pet parents to store and increase your sale!

  • Coupons B2C

  • Loyalty with client IDs

  • Drive-to-store navigation

  • Knowledge–based

  • Personalization & targeting

  • B2B offers from suppliers

  • CSR for your store

For Manufacturer

Add your B2B actual offer, strengthen cooperation with pet stores and inform pet parents about your novelties!

  • Coupons B2B package

  • Product placement

  • Supplier–based


  • Personalization & targeting

  • CSR for your business





Create coupons for your store and invite customers from
the neighborhood for shopping


You can scan individual app user IDs and follow purchases
and create a customer community


Pet parents will find you and can navigate to your store
with a single button.

of tips & advice 

Gain an intelligent assistant and knowledge that will help you take even better care of your pet! Quickly find answers to your burning questions and have more time to play with your furry companion!


The entire content like coupons and tips is tailored
to the pet of the application user

B2B offers

Find promotions from suppliers and easily ask for offers
from every brand on the market


Your clients feed homeless pets by using the app and find pets
in shelters ready for adoption

The MyPetStory application was created for a better life for pets. Our goal is to raise the awareness of pet owners, which we do through easy access to knowledge and the functionality of the mobile application by getting involved in responsible care. Each MyPetStory application user takes care of their pet every day
and with the application helps homeless animals in shelters by filling a virtual bowl.

How to join?

For Shelter

Receive food from a sponsor for homeless animals in need

  • Donation of food and/or materials from a sponsor

  • Information about pet adoptions in social media

  • Shelter account in the MyPetStory mobile application and the ability to add coupons informing about adoptions and events

  • Photo report from the final event

  • Opportunity to showcase shelter residents and increase adoption

For Partner

Help homeless pets with us

  • Invite on your social media to join the event

  • share our posts/materials from the event on your social media

  • Register your company in the MyPetStory application (shelters and associations register
    for free)

  • add coupons (with furry friends for adoption)
    to the app

of food for shelters

Your Pet Profile


Pet Species

Do you want to know more about pets? In the app you will find useful information about over 220 species and 400 breeds of pets – from aquarium fishes to dogs! Find out more about different animal species and how to take better care of your pet!



If you have a pet or want to have one, install the MyPetStory application. You will learn everything about different species
or breeds, find friendly places, and buy products cheaper
thanks to personalized coupons. Check the app daily!



Create your pet’s profile, define its features and add photos.
Share them on social media and meet other pet lovers!
It’s simple – download the free app, add your pet’s profile, use coupons, and check out how to take better care of your best friend!

Coupons Everywhere

Need more coupons?
Invite any store to join MyPetStory. This is the best way to get the promotions you need.
Save on shopping, not on your pet. Your pet will thank you!

MyPetStory Team

Piotr Łuczka

Piotr Łuczka


Beata Suchorak

Beata Suchorak

Key Account Manager/Brand Manager

Bernadeta Stańko-Łuczka

Bernadeta Stańko-Łuczka


dr Joanna Zarzyńska

dr Joanna Zarzyńska

Expert/In-app content

Żaneta Żołnierczuk

Żaneta Żołnierczuk

New media/UX/UI

Dorota Marcinek

Dorota Marcinek

Graphic Designer






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