Ryneczek Oddysa – Port Wisla, Warszawa 2023


On September 17, the 1st Edition of the Charity Picnic combined with a market for animal guardians – Ryneczek Oddysa – took place at the Port of Wisła in Warsaw. Many attractions awaited visitors, including: lectures, workshops, shows, a photo wall and the opportunity to purchase products for your pet🛍 Everyone could support the Azylu Pod Psim Aniołem Foundation financially or donate products purchased on site❤️ The MyPetStory application funded bags filled with gifts for the event participants🐶 PetsDiag provided a voucher for tests and supplements about worth PLN 16,635!🎉 And the members of #EkipaOddysa made numerous gifts to the Azyl pod Psie Aniołem Foundation. Thank you for being there with us and taking part in this beautiful initiative🥇 We were also accompanied by Asylum dogs for adoption🥺
Check out our photo report – maybe one of them will steal your heart?💕

Full photo report in the link! –> [Click]